A Posh+Lavish mattress is one of life’s genuine pleasures. Our mattress is the ultimate expression of caring for both our bodies and minds while we sleep.

Sleep is the ultimate luxury and your mattress is at the genesis of it all.

A Posh+Lavish mattress recognizes your spine’s need for long lasting support and your muscles need to rest and restore themselves throughout each and every night.

Posh+Lavish designs mattresses with a weightless and buoyant design that feels truly luxurious and is most unique.

Every one of our mattresses is built by hand in California and North Carolina by teams of skilled craftsmen.

What we do, we do for good. A percentage of all our profits are donated to CURE International. CURE is a network of charitable hospitals and programs that provide healing to children with treatable conditions such as clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lip, and hydrocephalus. See the kids at cure.org

Our Values


We are sleep enthusiasts because we believe better sleep can enhance people’s lives
Our business is helping create extra energy and bigger smiles throughout every day around the world


We believe a magnificent day is the result of a marvelous night
We design mattresses to help the world Rise and Shine


Our mattresses are made from the finest, most luxurious materials available
We believe our relationships are what make our company extraordinary


Our dream is to grow so we can have an influence in the world for good

We desire to be the brand consumers tell their friends and family about
We desire to be the brand retail sales associates trust
We desire to be the brand retailer’s value most highly
We desire to be the brand where our associates find a place to give of themselves and find meaning in what they do