Frames and Foundations

Posh+Lavish mattresses are extremely long lasting when properly supported by the proper frame and foundation. Our mattresses have one of the longest warranties with lowest body impression limits available in the United States but will only perform optimally when they are properly supported by the right support system underneath.

Most of our mattresses are placed atop adjustable foundations. Please be sure your adjustable foundation has a completely flat surface when in the flat position.

If you are not buying an adjustable foundation with your new mattress, please do not reuse the old foundation or box springs from your previous mattress. A box spring that is ten years old was likely designed for a coil mattress or a memory foam mattress which generally weighed one half to one third what your new mattress does.

If you are buying a flat foundation with your new mattress, please invest in a matching Posh+Lavish foundation. Our foundation is made out of solid spruce wood rather than composite materials. It has 14 slats in a queen. The slates are approximately 2 3/4" apart.

If you have a platform bed, the slats should not flex and can not be greater than 3" apart.

If you have a slat foundation, the slats should not flex and can not be greater than 3" apart.

Do not put anything between your mattress and foundation.

Your mattress frame needs at least 5 legs and a center support for either a queen or king size mattress.

Every one of our mattresses is built by hand in California and North Carolina by teams of skilled craftsmen.

Photo of sewing machine representing craftsmanship