Use and Care Instructions

We highly recommend you purchase a mattress protector for your new mattress. The mattress cover on your mattress is not intended to be a mattress protector or be waterproof, it is intended to cover the mattress materials. The mattress cover is not designed to be able to have all stains such as urine, wine, or coffee removed based on the severity of stains or varieties of detergents used. If you choose to spot clean the white cover on your mattress, topper or pillow cover, please follow these care instructions.

Mattress cover use and care is not covered under your warranty as a manufacturing defect.

If you cannot remove a stain on your mattress cover, damage your mattress cover in any way by washing it or shrink the bottom panel and wish to replace your mattress cover, you are able to purchase a new one through your local retailer. Your retailer will need a picture of the law tag on your cover or the information on the law tag to order a replacement by law. Topper replacement covers range in price from $225 to $380 based on topper model and topper size. Mattress replacement covers range from $390 to $690 based on mattress model and mattress size.

Every one of our mattresses is built by hand in California and Texas by teams of skilled craftsmen.

Photo of sewing machine representing craftsmanship